The Lake Effect effort is focused on shared long-term goals for the city’s best asset: Revitalizing the lakefront, making it safer, more ecologically friendly, and improving access to and along the shore.

“If we can accomplish that, we’ll have done the best we can for Wayzata.”
– Mayor Ken Willcox

On April 19, the Lake Effect design team presented the final schematic design book to the Wayzata City Council. The book includes perspective and schematic designs, the phased construction plan and cost estimates, and long-term maintenance and operations cost estimates and sources.

Signature Park Design Highlights

  • Eco Park/Section Foreman House – Eastern gateway to the lakewalk featuring a restored pond and marshland. A restorative “pocket park” that respects the natural state of the lake edge and provides an intriguing natural experience suitable for everyday enjoyment for people of all ages, as well as ecological education.
  • Lake Walk – Entered from the east at Broadway, the lake walk zig-zags along the lake edge and is embraced by restored marsh. The lake walk will feel like a short walk in another world – only steps from the heart of the city.
  • Active Beach – The plan is to expand and activate the beach in a way that’s suitable for families and people of all ages. By closing the retention pond and treating the storm water underground, space is made available to expand concessions. The beach becomes more inviting with the addition of shade structures and a diving pier.
  • People-friendly Lake Street – Increase the bike-ability and walkability of Lake Street with an expanded sidewalk and dedicated bike lane, while keeping three lanes for cars. Modest treatment to paving and lighting suggest slowing down and enjoying the lakefront and can become temporary car-free gathering places during the occasional community oriented event.

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